Hello Spring

Pine Island Sound, FL

February 20th 2023

The bite has been phenomenal inshore and nearshore the last several days with no sign of slowing. We have been catching great upper slot trout, more than enough mangrove and Lane snapper, and a nice mixture of sheepshead, reds, and snook. Much of the time we are slipping offshore a few miles to catch snapper and grouper, an awesome way to spend the day and in the case of one trip this week a very family-friendly fishing experience. Snapper fishing is one easy way to wear out a group of kids, one fish after the next, and not easy fights on light tackle. On another note, there are reports of red tide in the sound and although it is an event we see all too often it is a natural occurrence in our area it has just become exasperated the past decade with the population boom in the area and nutrient loading from runoff and freshwater discharges. With that being said I have not seen any reason for concern. Very few dead fish and the proof is in the pudding, since red tide has been in the bay we are still catching plenty of fish and having a great time.

18 Sheepshead

3 Snook

3 Redfish

5 Sea Trout

11 White Grunt

12 Red Grouper

4 Bluefish

5 Grey Snapper

35 Lane Snapper

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