Hot Inshore Bite

Pine Island Sound

April 14th, 2023

As we transfer into a new season the fish are still giving us all the fun we want when on the water. The last couple of weeks have been some phenomenal fishing beautiful weather and some very clean crystal clear water. We’ve been targeting reds, snook, and trout but very shortly we will turn much of our attention to the silver king. Tarpons are showing up in high numbers and giving this captain the itch to fish them. We have spent some very short windows fishing them this past week but as many know when fishing tarpon it is important to only fish tarpon, it takes dedication and time to catch these fish. My hopes are the next report I write will have plenty of stories of high jumps and plenty of face grabs with landed fish. I will be taking customers to fish tarpon starting in two weeks but for the time being we will have fun with our inshore friends. The bite has been great and bait has been plentiful to start spring. Fishing greenbacks on a 3/0 circle hook on 25-pound leader under mangroves and along oysters and beach shorelines. We are heading into rainy season and as our weather changes so does the fishing patterns and methods. Water will become cloudy making it harder to sight fish and mats of grass will make it tougher to fish some of the typical islands we target fish sitting under the trees. It’s a constant battle but the fishing will remain great one way or the other.

2 Snook

1 Redfish

1 Sea Trout

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