Gators In The Bay

Pine Island Sound, FL

Mar 21st 2023

We’ve had an excellent week fishing inshore, the bite has been as good as you’d expect with warmer water temps and calmer conditions. Redfish and snook around mangrove islands and some of the best trout fishing I’ve seen in recent years. We have been catching our fair share of larger trout known as gator trout by those who grew up fishing these waters. A gator trout constitutes any trout that is over the slot or basically twenty inches or bigger. These past several days we have caught some of the biggest trout I’ve seen, and not only that but large numbers of these behemoths. Fishing live green backs on 2/0 circle hooks over grass flats and pot holes for the trout and under mangroves on a high tide for snook and reds. The scouting for tarpon has begun as well, have not seen many but they are most definitely making their way to us. The anticipation for the tarpon season is upon us and it is time to gear up and start prepping for the big fights to come.

2 Sea Trout

1 Redfish

 1 Snook

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