High Waters and Hard Fighters

Pine Island Sound, FL

March 13th, 2023

The bite has been excellent this week despite the wind and small fronts we have been dealing with. Bait has been excellent, catching medium-sized whitebait in the mornings and getting extra for chumming the fish up while we fish. The tides have been typical spring highs, with very high water flooding into the mangroves giving these fish ample opportunity to get into their favorite habitat in the roots of the mangroves where they hide and ambush baits as they go by. We have caught countless amounts of snook this past week, landing some really great fish while losing a few heartbreakers in the process. Redfish and trout have been doing great for us as well. Fishing greenbacks and threadfin on a 2/0 circle hook mostly under floats with a few freeline rigs.

20 Sea Trout

12 Redfish

75 Snook

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