Largest Sheepshead I’ve Ever Seen

Pine Island Sound, FL

January 6th, 2023

Very windy day on the water, had a cold front blow in the day before and give us nasty weather to fish in. Despite the weather, we had a lot of success with the sheepshead as well as a few other species. We fished rock piles and docks most of the morning and these sheepshead and mangrove snapper did not disappoint. My customers stayed busy fighting nice hardy fish and we managed to land the biggest sheepshead I’ve ever had on the boat. Finished off the day catching redfish, ladyfish and whatever else was willing to bite in the nasty conditions. Fished live shrimp on a 3/8-ounce jig head all morning. Tides were in the negative numbers all morning and stayed low all day, a very typical winter trend.

5 Ladyfish

14 Grey Snapper

28 Sheepshead

2 Redfish

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