Multiple Days of Sheep Herding

Redfish Pass, FL

December 30th, 2022

The last couple of days have been great fishing. Double trips the last two days have kept me busy and have put a lot of sheepshead on my customers’ tables at night. We had excellent tides for fishing the pass, docks, and rock piles where the current was strong. This has been the ticket for Sheepshead and a few other opportunistic fish such as Black Drum, Snook, and Redfish. Not only have we been hammering sheepshead in the typical locations, but they have been great around mangroves as well giving us multiple options for catching them. The redfish have been all over the place lately as well keeping my customers busy and happy. The cold fizzled out and gave us a few beautiful days to get some awesome fishing in, the sheepshead should only get better from here on out now that we’ve had a cold snap, and the redfish should be doing the same.

9 Redfish

1 Black Drum

40 Sheepshead

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