Relentless Gator Trout

Cayo Costa, FL

December 13th, 2022

The winter cold fronts are starting to cycle in and soon our waters will be a little more on the chilly side. With that being said, we had a pre front fishing bonanza full of big keeper trout, redfish, snook, Jack and many others. For the vast majority of the day we sat in one location and caught one fish after the next for several hours, we had our limit of trout and still continued to catch them sending them back in to fight another day. Fishing live greenbacks and threadfin, we kept the rods bent and the good memories going all afternoon. These fish are showing tons of promise before our winter cycle gets here and we transition into different methods and style of fishing, regardless of how we catch them I am certain we will keep catching them for a long time.

15 Snook

4 Redfish

22 Sea Trout

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