Tournament Time

Pine Island Sound, FL

September, 9th 2023

Spent the last few days prepping and fishing the LCEC Tournament benefiting The United Way of Southwest Florida. We had a great day targeting Redfish, Snook, Trout, and our mystery fish selection, my personal favorite… catfish (all the sarcasm). We had a very solid start to the day getting to the flats for redfish half an hour before the tournament started and sat it out until 7 am. Seconds before start I took two ladyfish out of the dozen we caught the day before, chunked them up into half-inch wide pieces, and threw them out for chum then a piece with a hook went out. Within 3 minutes of the tournament, we hooked up to our first and biggest red at 28.5 inches. We proceeded to hook and land 4 more none of which beat out our first fish. Left from there and caught our bait for the day. While we caught bait my group fished trout and proceeded to catch our big trout at 18.5 inches. Once we caught bait and our trout we just needed a snook for our slam and that was a bit tougher than our first couple fish. It took us a while to finally get a snook, and it was not the fish to thrust us in the top 5, however, we finished the day at 9th respectively out of 50 boats. A top-ten finish amongst some of the best teams in SWFL is something to be proud of and my group from Pike Electric did an excellent job and fished hard.

1 Redfish

1 Sea Trout

1 Snook

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