Red Hot Bite

Pine Island Sound, FL

August 6th, 2023

The bite remains hot but so is the water temps, we are experiencing some of the warmest water I have seen in 30 years fishing in Southwest Florida. Through it all the fishing is phenomenal, mangrove snapper limits every trip and plenty of redfish and trout to go around. Snook are hanging around as well as they spend their time on the beaches and passes during their spawn. As fall approaches we will start to see those snook move back into the mangrove islands and begin seeing huge numbers of redfish as they begin their spawn. I say all of this to emphasize that fishing will only get better and better. Baitfish are still small but the pinfish and cut ladyfish have given us opportunities to get big fish to eat. We need cooler temps to ensure water quality improves and the fish do not get too stressed but until then we will keep catching them up.

1 Redfish

2 Sea Trout

1 Snook

1 Grey Snapper

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