Summer School Redfish

Pine Island Sound

July 9th, 2023

The schools of redfish are showing up in the inshore waters and these fish are hungry and giving us some awesome fights. Our first and biggest fish at 33 inches came within seconds of putting a bait in the water. It is a special experience when we can find the feeding redfish in unbothered and plentiful schools along the flats. We set up 40 yards from the school after very quietly and slowly making our way to their location after spotting them moving and tailing around. They aren’t picky when they get in this feeding stage, throwing medium-sized greenbacks and pinfish, they give us very little time to prepare for the fight that ensues. We are also finding the large number of mangrove snapper inshore as we do this time of year, they can be finicky at times but with the help of a handful of small cut bait, we tend to get them to open up to us, and start a feeding frenzy.

1 Snook

1 Redfish

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