Picking Pumpkins

Pine Island Sound, FL September 1st, 2023 It’s one of the best times of the year on the water, and it’s starting off great. Starting to find large schools of big bulky redfish and cooler water temps making the fishing even better than it’s been. Baitfish are starting to get bigger and more plentiful, pinfish… Continue reading Picking Pumpkins

Red Hot Bite

Pine Island Sound, FL August 6th, 2023 The bite remains hot but so is the water temps, we are experiencing some of the warmest water I have seen in 30 years fishing in Southwest Florida. Through it all the fishing is phenomenal, mangrove snapper limits every trip and plenty of redfish and trout to go… Continue reading Red Hot Bite

Reds Galore

Pine Island Sound, FL July 20th, 2023 We are having a lot of fun out there in the big schools of redfish, these fish are hungry and are most likely beefing up for the upcoming spawn. Redfish begin their spawning season in the fall and right now they are beginning to clump together in their… Continue reading Reds Galore

Summer School Redfish

Pine Island Sound July 9th, 2023 The schools of redfish are showing up in the inshore waters and these fish are hungry and giving us some awesome fights. Our first and biggest fish at 33 inches came within seconds of putting a bait in the water. It is a special experience when we can find… Continue reading Summer School Redfish

Fishing in a Jacuzzi

Captiva Island, FL July 2nd, 2023 Water temps are getting extremely hot and making the fishing a tad bit difficult finding good oxygenated water. We have plenty of territory where the water is cleaner, however, the backcountry waters become a little too stagnant this time of year unless you can find a good tidal flow.… Continue reading Fishing in a Jacuzzi

Heavy Weight Redfish

Pine Island Sound, FL June 16th, 2023 What a spectacular redfish bite we’ve had the last few weeks. We are catching high numbers and large sizes giving us some crazy good fights and some huge smiles from customers. We are catching these reds mostly in deeper quick-flowing waters with pinfish under a one-ounce sinker to… Continue reading Heavy Weight Redfish

Summertime Brutes

Pine Island Sound, FL May 31st, 2023 The weather is heating up and so is the fishing. These big hungry redfish and snook are giving us some really fun days and giving us some unbelievable fights. Using white bait on a 3/0 hook and 25 lb monofilament leader fishing oyster bar edges, mangrove islands, and… Continue reading Summertime Brutes

Pass Fishing Silver Kings

Boca Grande, FL May 16th, 2023 We are putting Tarpon boat side out in Boca Grande Pass or as we refer to it Tarpon Heaven. Landing a tarpon is one of the more tricky challenges in all of fishing, the way these fish thrash and jump makes it nearly impossible to keep a hook in… Continue reading Pass Fishing Silver Kings

Tarpon Season in Full Swing

Pine Island Sound, FL May 7th, 2023 The silver king is back in the large numbers we are used to seeing in Southwest Florida. These fish are one of the most highly sought-after species in all the world and for good reason. Their strength, acrobatics, sheer beauty and difficulty is unmatched. Folks travel from all… Continue reading Tarpon Season in Full Swing

Hot Inshore Bite

Pine Island Sound April 14th, 2023 As we transfer into a new season the fish are still giving us all the fun we want when on the water. The last couple of weeks have been some phenomenal fishing beautiful weather and some very clean crystal clear water. We’ve been targeting reds, snook, and trout but… Continue reading Hot Inshore Bite

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